Getting the most from your treatment

Beneficial treatment results with Oxybutynin imply following the instructions of a doctor, using the proper dose and keeping regular appointments with your caring doctor. The progress depends on various factors such as age of a patient, his/her response to the treatment, other circumstances.

Some medicines (antihistamines) can increase the actions of Oxybutynin and potentiate the chance of side effects. If you use other medicines such as histamines soon after taking Oxybutynin you can start experiencing dry mouth, blurred vision or constipation. Verify with your doctor the possibility of drug combinations use before taking the medicines together. If necessary take the medicines separately.

During the treatment with Oxybutynin specialists recommend keep away or stop drinking coffee, tea, cola and consuming products containing chocolate or caffeine.

Caffeine is a natural substance causing increased passing of urine. The symptoms of your condition can become worse if you overuse caffeine.

Keep to the regimen which won’t disturb your night rest. Don’t drink too much liquid before going to bed.

Before getting a surgery or dental treatment, inform your doctor about using Oxybutynin.

Oral tablet of Oxybutynin is a common form of the medicine used to treat overactive bladder. Other forms of drugs used orally are immediate-release tablets, extended-release tablets and syrup.

Oxybutynin comes in new forms: gel and patch to apply to the skin.

Oxybutynin is used cope with overactive bladder symptoms. If you have problems with urination such as need to urinate frequently, leakage of urine, pain during urination, inability to hold urine, then you should consult your doctor about the proper therapy and possibility of Oxybutynin use.

Use of this medicine can cause some of unwanted effects. Try to stick to proper diet and drink enough water during the day to prevent such effects as constipation, dry mouth, and abdominal pain.

Alcohol interaction can occur with Oxybutynin. Don’t drink alcohol during the treatment with Oxybutynin. Avoid products containing alcohol even in small amounts. Alcohol can cause your bladder symptoms deteriorate. Besides, it may increase your risks for drowsiness, dizziness.

The approval status of the medicine, its high therapeutic results and safety show that Oxybutynin can be securely applied in most patients. Still some of the patients should be more careful with this medicine to prevent unnecessary events and unwanted side effects.

If anything from the following applies to you, please consult with your doctor about safe use of Oxybutynin:

Treatment with medicines which interact with Oxybutynin;

You drink alcohol every day;

You are pregnant or breast-feeding a baby;

You have other acute or chronic disorders of serious character.

Getting the most from your treatment

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